What are the benefits of CBD

What are the benefits of CBD


What are the benefits of CBD

CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from the marijuana plant. The compound is obtained along with other compounds like the THC. After a lot of studies were conduction regarding the two compounds, the results showed that CBD has medical benefit as compared to THC. This is because unlike THC which has a high concentration of psychoactive effects, CBD is high in inflammation properties hence making it ideal for treatment. Note that you can consume CBD on the form of supplements or oils.

Treats chronic diseases.

People diagnosed with chronic diseases are prescribed extended usage of medical drugs to treat the pains associated with the disorders. These prescribed medications come with various side effects such as severe vomiting, headaches and also feet swelling. Due to these side effects, doctors advocate for the use of CBD supplements since they have a high concentration of inflammation and do not cause any side effects to the patients.

Increase appetite.

CBD has been widely prescribed for the patients suffering from HIV/Aids and cancer. CBD is known to increase appetite, and for such patients, the supplements can help them eat nutritious food to improve their health.

Treats insomnia.

Insomnia is a mental problem associated with stress, anxiety and also depression. Insomnia can be defined as lack of sleep or form of sleep interruption whereby you keep on waking up in between your sleep. CBD has been tested to help in making one relax and calm down. Therefore, insomnia patients are prescribed with CBD supplements to help them calm down and relax which in return increases their sleep. The people diagnosed with insomnia had their sleep increase by about 70 percent after taking the CBD supplement.

Treats social anxiety.

Social anxiety is the inability of a person to stand or give a speech in front of a large crowd. Research conducted on some patient who suffered from the symptom showed that after taking CBD supplements, their courage increased by over 60 percent.

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