Boulder Balm: Sore Muscle Relief Salve Mountain Goat Mint 1.2oz (Soothing Super Strength 12% Organic Menthol and All Natural Herb Infused Hemp Oil Formula) Kraft Push Tube for Easy Application

  • Sore Muscle Relief Boulder Balm is an herbal salve infused with a super strength 12% Organic Menthol Crystal. Formulated to help relieve achy muscles and stiff joints. Apply immediately after, before, or during strenuous activities for cooling and soothing relief. This is our most versatile Boulder Balm product yet. Not only does it soothe sore muscles but also has all the amazing skin healing ingredients as our original dry skin solution salve. This is an EVERYTHING salve and the uses you will find for it are endless. We offer a 100% if you don't love it we will 100% refund your purchase price:)

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