Hemp Oil Drops 80000mg, 100% Natural Extract, Anti-Anxiety and Anti-Stress, Natural Dietary Supplement, Rich in Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids for Skin & Heart Health,Vegan Friendly

  • 100% NATURAL ORGANIC AUTHENTIC AND PURE: The unique composition of fatty acids and vitamins in this oil help relieve pain, balance mood, reduce anxiety and support overall wellbeing.
  • Co2 EXTRACTION: Using the method of Co2 extraction presents the highest possible purity in hemp oil, keeping it rich in its natural organic ingredients.
  • RICH IN NATURAL NUTRIENTS: Hemp contains a wide range of valuable nutrients, flavonoids and terpenoids, as well as essential fatty acids OMEGA-3 and OMEGA-6 which can help support overall well-being.
  • CERTIFIED & APPROVED: Researched & Developed to GMP standards in USA using only certified organic non-GMO hemp oil. Produced under strict quality control in small batches. We are also member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA).
  • 100% SATISFACTION: If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact us within 30 days.
Our OIL is made from natural hemp. We use only the highest quality ingredients to create the purest and most effective formula.

Supplement Hemp OIl Drops found to be beneficial:

✧ Relieves Pain

✧ Improves Brain Function

✧ Relieves Nausea

✧ Improves Sleep

✧ Promotes Cardiovascular Health

AMAZING FLAVORING: As you may know, hemp seed oil, due to its richness in essential fatty acids, has a strong nutty flavor. The hemp extract itself, adds to this flavoring.

STORAGE / SHELF-LIFE: Store in a cool, dry place. Our hemp extract has a 2-Year shelf-life. Even after opening, the same 2-year shelf life applies.


We recommend taking drops twice a day:

- shake well

- place drops under the tongue

- allow them to dissipate for 30 seconds

- swallow

INGREDIENTS: Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Hemp Extract.

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