Kush Hemp Wraps - Pre Rolled Cone Wraps - 2 Cones/Pack, 15 Pack Display Box - (Kiwi Strawberry)

  • Tobacco Free, Does Not Contain Tobacco or Nicotine
  • 1 Full Box of 15 Pouches (2 Wraps Per Pouch)
  • Flavors: Original, Berries, Kiwi Strawberry, Lemonade, Mixed Grape, Sweet, Zero
  • 2 Conical Wraps per Pouch
  • Pre Rolled Design is Ready to Fill
KUSH pre rolled herbal smoking shells and conical tubes are products intended solely for use with legal herbal smoking blends to create a custom roll-your own herbal cigarette or cigar. This product is a herbal alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes and cigars. KUSH roll your own herbal blend products and wrappers are not intended for use with any material that is not legal for smoking, and are also not intended for use with tobacco.

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