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  • Comfortable, moisture-wicking & breathable design.
  • Our compression braces are stretchy, easy to put on, and soft for your skin.
  • Feel more confident to stay on your feet and avoid that unwanted pain as well as muscle cramps while you travel, work, or play! No matter if you're a runner, nurse, are pregnant, or just experience occasional leg pain, our sleeve is just what you need!
  • When used while running, the graduated compression reduces muscle vibration, which in turn reduces muscle fatigue. When used as a recovery sleeve, the increase in blood flow helps oxygen starved muscles recover much faster than normal.
  • It's known that a warm muscle is less likely to be injured, and performs better overall. Though breathable, our compression sleeve is sturdy enough to help increase blood flow throughout your leg muscles, and offers enough resistance to give your legs extra support, while enhancing your athletic activities.

Do you feel pain in your calf after running?

When running, your calf muscles vibrate and dissipate (or lose) energy. As a result of microscopic tearing of the muscle fibers, your muscles become sore after running. This is the main cause of pain after running.

True Compression Socks support Your Muscles and Increases Blood Flow

- Reduce pain from shin splints.
- Recover faster after your run.
- Reduce fatigue during your run.
- Especially helpful for nurses and others who work on their feet all day

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