Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats, for Naturally Calming Pet Anxiety & Stress, Hip & Joint Pain Relief, No THC - Will Not Make You High, Legal in All 50 States, Organically Grown & Made in USA

  • PHYSICAL BENEFITS: Imagine your boy or girl running & happy again, taking long, pain-free walks.
  • OVER 30% ACTIVE EXTRACT: 250mg is plenty for most. High mg with low active hemp is non-beneficial.
  • ORGANIC HEALING REMEDY: Reduce seizures & epilepsy, anti-inflammatory, calm stress & aggression.
  • PURE QUALITY: MCT coconut-derived carrier oil. Not cheap hemp-seed. Promotes energy & healthy skin.
  • SAFE FOR ALL AGES: Young to Senior. 0% THC. Natural. Don't put down your pet because they're in pain

crayoHemp is Not marijuana, has 0% THC so it won't make you or your pet 'high' and is legal in all 50 States.

Pets. YOUR pets. You're looking for results and Crayolex got you covered. Many have come and gone from this page but the ones who took a chance on us, their boys and girls are now enjoying a more calm and pain-free lifestyle and are now loyal to the crayoHemp brand. Google our company or ask around... your trust is all we ask for. 


Stop The ANXIETY and Get SLEEP

Are you having trouble sleeping as loud thunderstorms keep your boys and girls barking through the night? Fireworks, vacuums, and cars scare them for no reason? With crayoHemp, you can finally calm your pet and get some rest.

See Your Pets SMILE

Google "Can Your Dog Smile": there are over a BILLION results! Your pet might just need help to stop worrying and enjoy life. Try crayoHemp; put a smile on their face.

Gain Quality Time With Your LOVED ONES

Once your boys and girls are happy again, gain back precious hours spent on researching pain remedies and spend quality time with your pets.


Drops come with the added benefit of being cheaper than vet bills and more effective! They ABSORB 10X FASTER. Dose can be adjusted drop by drop.


  • PAIN RELIEF: Cancer, inflammation, arthritis, bone & joint
  • REDUCE ANXIETY: Separation, loud noises, travel
  • AGGRESSION: Calm aggressive behavior, barking
  • GENERAL HEALTH: Reduce seizures & spasms, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and more


Printed on box. Results may take 24-48 hours. Some report immediate results when applied during seizures.

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