Panacea Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Pain Tablets - 35mg FAST Acting Hemp Oil Extract Tablet - Lab Tested 1000mg Ingredient Total - Hemp for Pain and Anxiety Support - Natural Anti Inflammatory

  • HEMP OIL TABLETS - Hemp cdb Oil for Pain and Anxiety Support & Relief
  • HIGH QUALITY - LAB TESTED - WHOLE PLANT - BEST HEMP OIL EXTRACT - Each Tablet has the equivalent of 35mg active ingredient not derived from the Seed
  • FAST ACTION - cdb Hemp Oil Extract Tablet dissolves under the tongue for faster and better results than with oil
  • GREAT TASTE AND NO MESS - No Oil to handle or travel with and simple to take with no nasty flavors
  • NATURAL and ORGANIC AND MADE IN THE USA - Naturally sourced full spectrum hemp oil extract for your benefit - Complete Derived Blend of High Quality Hemp Oil Extract

Panacea Life Labs have developed FAST sublingual hemp oil tablets to give a consistent 35mg active hemp cdb oil extract per tablet.

The product is designed to absorb quickly under the tongue to act fast. As shown in the images sublingual tablets deliver up to 70% more product to the body than taking oil in the normal way.

Our sublingual pills utilize a rapid delivery system that increases their bioavailablility which means your body enjoys more of the naturally occurring antioxidants in our rich hemp oil. F.A.S.T. contain NO THC. Our products are all manufactured to GMP standards to ensure the highest quality. By using organic industrial hemp grown in Colorado USA without pesticides we ensure the quality process from plant to tablet is pure and natural. Bottle contains thirty 35mg F.A.S.T. sublingual tablets.

Professional extraction means a better product.

Lead by Science - The Panacea Difference At Panacea Life we are focused on creating research based naturally derived products that improve the lives of patients suffering from various categories of conditions: pain neuroprotection anxiety and sleep disorders. Through our commitment to ongoing scientific research we discover more every day about how health-supporting chemical compounds found in nature can be used to help the human body alleviate many acute and chronic conditions.

Our vision is to create a world where the human body can repair restore and rejuvenate itself. Our mission is to do this by bringing therapeutic products to everyone. Why Panacea Life Hemp Extract Quality Many hemp oil products on the market today utilize an extraction process that requires the plants to be ground up. This destroys some of the quality of the oil and results in a less-than-pure product. cdb (complete derived blend) Oil is from the whole hemp plant

Our proprietary extraction method preserves the integrity of the plant and the natural purity of hemp oil.

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