THC MEDICINAL CANNABIS OIL EXTRACTION: Strains, Methods, Uses, Dosage and Application

The reason behind putting this literature together was because my own mother has struggled and battled with Lyme's disease for many years now, and through watching her suffer from many side effects of the disease (As well as the medication prescribed to her), I have compiled this book with all the information I can to make a bullet proof method of extracting the medicinal oil known as RSO to treat herself safely in her own home.
Even if your a beginner and have never done this before this step by step guide should help you through your first oil extraction. Ive tried to answer the questions my mother was asking when medicinal cannabis oil was suggested to her numerous times, without going too deep into science. She just wanted the oil, and know how to make it safely to a high quality, she didn’t want a science degree.

We touch on strains, uses, the method of actually extracting medicinal oil at home, dosages and application.

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