Agent 420-22 oz Cannabis Odor Destroying Spray for Eliminating Pot Smoke, Cigarette Smoke or Most Unwanted Odors in Your House, Car or Apartment, So Freshen Up The "Joint"! [Black Glacier]

  • BREAKS DOWN THE ODOR of Marijuana smoke without having to wash or rinse. Generously spray Agent 420 to any surface and let your "secret agent" get to work.
  • TEA TREE OIL is Agent 420s secret weapon; naturally and harmlessly breaking down any unwanted aroma at the molecular level.
  • PERFECT FOR CARS, APARTMENTS or homes, Agent 420 works on "Weed" smoke, Tobacco smoke, moldy areas it will even take the smell of a SKUNK out of your dog or cat if it gets sprayed (For real!)
  • ALL NATURAL and perfectly formulated, use mother nature to combat pesky and unwanted smells!
  • FRESHEN your curtains, couches, clothes and hair. Works on many odors besides Marijuana as well such as mold, food smells, musty rooms. From Skunk Weed to real Skunks, Agent 420 is your man!

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