Playte - Game Plate for Children - Instill Healthy Eating Habits in Kids - Turn Dinner Time Into Play Time with Jungle, Space & Under the Sea Board Game Plates - BPA Free Dishwasher Safe - Set of 3

  • TURN MEAL TIME INTO PLAY TIME - Playte is a plate for kids as well as a game, and professionally designed interactive dinner plate helps instill healthy eating habits in kids and ignites a focus on their food in an engaging way. Perfect for picky eaters, ADHD, sensory sensitive and over-eaters.
  • WHY PLAYTE: When the game focuses on food, it encourages a sense of curiosity and interest while enhancing cognitive skills. Also, playing increases the child's pleasure and motivation. So, not only is it not condoned to play with your food - it's recommended!
  • EAT YOUR WAY TOWARDS VICTORY - Playte is a kids plate illustrated as a colorful and interactive game board, while each bite is a playing piece. Your child will eat their way towards victory.
  • INTERACTIVE PLATES - Playte was born from our own experiences, to help turn mealtime difficulties into a fun, family activity.
  • SUITABLE FOR Ages 3-8. Box comes with 3 different plates each with a unique and fun game. Dishwasher Safe. BPA Free. Made from 100% Melamine. Not to be used in the microwave or oven.

What is Playte?
Playte is a kid’s plate with a game designed for and embedded into the plate.
The Playtes are interactive and fun while keeping the food at the center of attention.
Made specially for children who need help sitting through a meal at the family table.

Why should you Playte?
To keep children interested in their meal, especially the ones who have difficulties sitting through dinner or diversifying their food. As children are more engaged and having fun, Playte will turn dinner into a whole new experience, filled with excitement and laughter.

Playte Memory is a variation on the classic memory game with three levels of difficulty, and
is suitable for ages three and up.

  • Underwater Ocean theme
  • Space
  • Owls in funny costumes (most difficult)

The playtes are designed to be placed at any angle so that kids find it harder to memorize the order, so the game may be used over time.  All games were designed so the food actively "participates" in the game, so your child can eat and play while continuing to focus on the food.

Isn’t it wrong to play with your food?
No. If the game puts the food at the center and keeps the child focused on what they eat, then playing with food can improve eating habits, as it increases the child's pleasure, motivation and even develops cognitive skills.

Developed by Professionals
The games were created by psychologists specializing in these areas. Our goal is to balance the appeal and fun while establishing healthy eating habits and cognitive-development.
So, not only playing with food is not wrong – it is recommended!

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