MINE-BEAUTY RejuvenatingNatural Rose & Spring Water Facial Toner | Gentle, Soothing & Anti-Aging Daily Skin Care Toner For Women & Men With Dead Sea Minerals, Rose Blossom Essence & Hemp Seed Oil

  • 🍀 REVITALIZE YOUR SKIN WITH ROSE BLOSSOM ESSENCE & SPRING WATER! Our natural face toner contains all essential ingredients that will purify, rejuvenate and hydrate your sensitive skin, including rose blossom essence, refreshing water from the springs of "Ein Gedi" and nourishing Dead Sea minerals! Now you can nourish your damaged skin and balance your skin 's pH levels without having to settle for low-quality facial toners that may cause skin irritation and allergies.
  • 🍀 ENJOY THE SKIN-REJUVENATING PROPERTIES OF ORGANIC HEMP SEED OIL, which will help invigorate your tired and damaged skin. Our daily facial toner for men and women is enriched with Hemp Seed Oil made from Cannabis Sativa, which acts as an extra layer of protection against moisture loss and helps restore your skin's balance and hydration levels. Plus, studies have shown that Hemp Seed Oil helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles too!
  • 🍀 LOOK & FEEL MORE CONFIDENT, BEAUTIFUL & YOUTHFUL by adding our natural facial toner to your daily beauty routine! The natural vitamins combined with the Dead Sea minerals will help remove environmental toxins and unclog your pores, thus removing excess oil and residue. In addition, our anti-aging skin toner will help tighten your pores and allow fewer toxins to enter, so you can have a healthy, younger-looking and glowing complexion!
  • 🍀 LET THE INTOXICATING ROSE BLOSSOM AROMA SWEEP YOU OFF YOUR FEET and impress everyone with your perfectly-hydrated, smooth and velvety skin! Our all-natural facial cleansing toner will be absorbed quickly and leave a discreet yet pleasant lingering scent that will last for hours. And unlike other skin toners that are filled with chemicals, this rose petal toner will not stain your clothes, so you can use it without any fear!
  • 🍀 CLEANSING & HYDRATING YOUR SKIN HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER! What makes our facial toner for women and men different from all the other toners is that it removes toxins, excess oil and residue like smoke or smog while ensuring the hydration of your epidermis. As a result, your skin will be soothed and cleansed while retaining all the necessary moisture. Especially if you're looking to create an effective base for the application of cosmetics, our facial toner is exactly what you need!

Introducing The Rose & Spring Water Dry Skin Facial Toner By MINE-BEAUTY!

We have combined some of nature's most potent and gentle ingredients, such as organically grown roses, natural spring water, Dead Sea minerals and Hemp Seed Oil in order to help you balance your skin's pH, restore your skin's glow and leave your skin velvety smooth!

Remove Harmful Toxins & Moisturize Your Tired Skin!

Our divine skin toner can be used anywhere on your body to help remove unwanted environmental toxins, such as smoke, dirt, and smog, while unclogging your pores and removing excess oil too. This cleansing process will tighten your skin's pores and act as a barrier, allowing fewer toxins to enter.

Promote A Healthy, Evenly Toned & Glowing Complexion!

Hemp SeedOil, our not-so-secret ingredient, has been used for its skin-revitalizing properties for years. That's why we have enriched our rose and spring water toner with organic Hemp Seed Oil, which offers long-lasting moisture, helps eliminate fine lines and rejuvenate damaged skin!

What Makes Our Facial Toner Stand Out From The Rest?

INTOXICATING ROSE BLOSSOM AROMA -Unlike other skincare toners that have overwhelming and unpleasant scents, our hydrating facial toner will emit a discreet and intoxicating rose blossom aroma that will impress everyone and make you feel as if you were covered with rose petals!

ALL NATURAL & HEALTHY INGREDIENTS -Our oily skin toner contains Ein Gedi Spring Water, Rose Blossom Essence, Lilies Of The Valley, Magnesium, Algae Dandelia From The Dead Sea, Vitamin E and Organic Hemp Seed Oil. No artificial additives, no preservatives, no chemicals!

PERFECT FOR BOTH WOMEN & MEN -This face toner is ideal for both men and women since Hemp Seed Oil can prevent ingrown hair, moisturize your damaged skin and balance the pH levels of your epidermis.

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