Cannabis Oil Plastic Mylar Stencil for Painting, Walls and Crafts, Item 914721

  • This package contains 2 separate stencils.
  • Comes in 3 Inches and 5 Inches on 7 Mil Plastic
  • Excellent for craft projects, wall stencils, or any painting project.
  • Extremely durable cleans up with soap and warm water for water based paints
  • 100% Made and ships from the USA
Stencil Shapes stencils are made with 7 mil frosted Plastic. Stencils are a great way to decorate any project, wall or craft. Each Stencil has 4 holes for easy hanging on any wall, foam board, cardboard or wood surfaces. Stencils are flexible and can bend around a round surface. Ideal for water based paints and ink wash with soap and warm water. The stencil size, is the size of the actual cut-out not the outside boundary edge. A size example of a fish stencil at 3 inches will be 3 inches on the longest side. Please use a ruler or tape measure for reference to better understand the stencil sizes. Some Stencils that have extreme inner detail are offered as 2 pieces, you get both the stencil and the shape that is cut out of it. For stencils of this type, you first paint using the stencil without the inner design. After drying, place the inner piece over the stencil you painted and add the inner detail. For stencils that don't have inner detail you will not receive the inner piece.

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