CANNABIS: 3 Manuscripts; Cannabis Growing, Cannabis Oil and a Cannabis Cookbook (Cannabis growing, HEMP, CBD, cooking, Cannabis Oil)

3 books that will teach you everything you need to know about cannabis!

This book contains 3 manuscripts:

  • Cannabis growing
  • Cannabis oil guide
  • Cannabis cookbook

Cannabis growing

A complete and simple guide on growing (medical) marijuana at home.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on growing cannabis indoors.

Cultivating your own cannabis at home is a great way to get constant supply, avoid high prices and avoid shady dealers. Also, you get to decide the strains to grow. The cannabis plant is a plant of many benefits, and also many different preparation of cannabis. The most commonly known preparation is marijuana. This consists of the plant’s flowers, subtending leaves and the stems of the female plant, which has been dried. Other common preparations include kief, hashish, tincture and hash oil.

This book will show you: -

  • The several ways to start your cannabis from seed how to care for the plants in order to ensure the most yield.
  • Proven methods to vegetate and bud your female plants, while keeping them from going to seed.
  • And finally how to harvest, curb and store your harvested cannabis

The Cannabis oil guide

Discover Why Thousands Of People Around The World Swear By Cannabis Oil Treatments! 

For the last few years, cannabis oil is becoming more and more popular amongst therapists of 
various fields and specialties – and there’s a good reason!

Find out anything you need to know about the amazing properties and uses of cannabis oil in various disease treatments, includingits origins, its importance, its difference with hemp oil, and, much, much more!

Cannabis is a naturally growing herb that has been used for thousands of years to treat different health conditions. It’s also used in making perfumes, soaps, candles, and some other foods and supplements. Cannabis is a very powerful oil with the ability to treat numerous health conditions, and only small amounts are needed for it to have a powerful effect on the body and mind—hence it is termed a wonder plant. Though serious research is still ongoing, there have been some success stories
on the ability of the oil to treat diverse problems.

Numerous diseases and infections are treatable with cannabis oil, like;

  • anorexia
  • emesis
  • pain
  • epilepsy
  • anxieties
  • inflammation
  • multiple sclerosis
  • neurodegenerative disorders
  • inflammation
  • asthma
  • glaucoma
  • Osteoporosis
  • schizophrenia
  • cardiovascular disorders
  • cancer
  • obesity
  • skin treatment

Much, much more!

Cannabis Cookbook

If you’ve never tried cooking with cannabis, then you’ve probably missed out on some amazing recipes that take advantage of cannabis’ incredible benefits in order to offer youan unparalleled culinary experience!

In this all-inclusive cannabis recipe book, you’ll find everything you need in order to prepare and cook the most mouth-watering marijuana-infused foods and enjoy cannabis like never before!

Also learn;

  • Understanding what cannabis is.
  • The short and lang term effects of cannabis
  • What happens while you smoke or eat cannabis
  • Health benefits of Cannabis
  • Remedies for a cannabis overdose

And much more!

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