Mr Diddles All Natural Kush Surf Wax Warm Water W/Hemp Oil Kush Scented

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Hemp Oil Infused
  • Crazy Sticky
  • Does Not Contaminate Our Oceans
  • Kush Scented
I'm a life-long Diddler of sorts, surfing and making crafts from items I'd find beachside. I've stepped on many a boards and have ridden some of the tastiest of waves. I consider the ocean my home and so do many others. So, if I make something that goes into the ocean, it has to abide by the rules of nature! Let's get real about our environment for a minute. Pollution in our oceans is a devastating reality due to the engine of industry. So many irresponsible and reckless manufacturers, pipelines ripping through coastal shores, carelessness and waste products working their way into our water ways. I wanted to make a responsible product and not contribute to the misuse of our planet. What came to mind? Surf wax! Millions of Diddler's all over the planet just like me use it every day. We surf! Anything used on a global scale like surf wax is going to make an impact. Trust, Mr. Diddles Kush WAX will not only compliment your skin (made with all natural organic ingredients) it is environmentally safe technology! It has no petroleum or paraffin products in the making. They'll tell you petroleum is biodegradable, but if Mother Nature intended for us to wear it or ingest it, she would have put it in our reach, not forcing us to dig below for it. In addition, Millennials and KUSH enthusiasts all over the world will be happy to know, each bar of Mr. Diddle's KUSH Wax comes with HEMP infused oils. Yep, you read that right! Hemp seed oil is a high source of polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids! In other words, your Dr. approves of its use and so does Mr. Diddle's! To top it all off, Mr. Diddles Kush Wax works awesome! Our Cold and Warm Water formulas are beautifully tacky while keeping in mind the most sensitive of skins. It won't irritate your shell bro! That is why we only use natural/organic materials to make every handcrafted bar. We don't use machines either; every bar is hand poured and inspected by me.

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