Cannabis Oil Cured MY Cancer: Alternative Cancer Cures And Treatments

I had stage three colorectal cancer. It was metastasizing. I was told by my surgeon that I would surely die if I did not have the operation to remove part of my colon. I did have a month's radiation and chemo treatment but refused to have the operation. Through the grapevine, I found out about cannabis oil and Essiac Tea. Both were touted as cures for cancer. I had my doubts but went for it. Within three months my cancer tumor had disappeared. If you have cancer, any kind of cancer, what I did should also work for you. Through the pages of my book, I express my fears, worries and anxiety, and the moments of relief and happiness when I realized that cannabis oil and Essiac Tea cured my cancer. The reason I wrote this book is to give hope to those who are suffering from this dreaded disease. I was one who thought that I would never get cancer--was I ever wrong. My new lease on life gives me much more appreciation of what life is about and each day is sacred to me. Best wishes to you. John Gabriel Mc Donald

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