Best Natural Focus Supplement for Kids, Supports Healthy Brain Function to Improve Concentration & Attention for School, Great Tasting Liquid Calming Supplement, Made from 100% Organic Herbs

  • A HEALTHY & NATURAL ALTERNATIVE TO Rx MEDICATION! If you're looking for a non-addictive preservative-free solution to help your precious child find improved concentration, focus, and memorization skills, you'll love Genius Drops. Your child will enjoy a great tasting daily supplement to help them excel at school. And you can feel good knowing you are giving your child a safe, natural, gluten-free supplement that supports their active and healthy brains
  • A TASTE KIDS LOVEƒ Genius Drops are much easier for your kids to swallow over chewable vitamins. Which means less hassle for you. For really picky eaters, try mixing our liquid formula with juice to enhance the taste even more.
  • THE ULTIMATE BRAIN-BOOSTER FOR KIDS! Genius Drops are made specially for kids to deliver the nutrients their growing brains need to perform at an optimal level. The natural herbal extracts in our formula help with memory, retention, clarity, focus, and concentration.
  • EXPERIENCE OUR SMART STUDENT GUARANTEE! We stand behind our Genius Drops, and provide you with a full money-back guarantee if you donÍt see improvement in your childÍs concentration after 30 days use. You can add our Genius Drops to your cart today with confidence knowing you and your child will see and feel a difference in academic performance or your money back!
  • WE GIVE BACK Our business believes that we only earn a profit, if our products provide real value to our amazing customers. And we believe that with that profit we have the responsibility to help make the world a better place. You can feel good knowing that a portion of your purchase goes to a donation for St. Jude ChildrenÍs Hospital.

“Best kids focus supplement I’ve found!” “He's calm and happy” “My child LOVES the taste” “His teacher thanked me” “Highly recommend”

Genius Drops is the REAL solution to more calm and focus in kids.

  • PROBLEM SOLVED! The problem with other focus vitamins is they don’t last, taste horrible, or lack clinically proven ingredients.  Genius Drops solves that problem!  That’s because our product has a blockbuster list of ingredients proven to help with calm and focus – backed up with a patented manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality
  • TASTES AMAZING! Unlike other focus and attention supplements that are tough to digest or full of sugar, Genius Drops have a naturally sweet taste and are loved by kids.  That’s why this product is a #1 choice among Amazon moms!
  • NEWSPAPERS & MEDIA LOVE GENIUSDROPS! JoySpring has been seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and dozens of other media outlets

You risk absolutely nothing.  GeniusDrops is backed by an unconditional 100% one year no-risk, no-nonsense money back guarantee.

Your search for “the ONE” kids focus solution is finally over. 

Due to recent media exposure, we have a limited supply available on Amazon.  Grab yours today!

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