MOISTURE PACKS for marijuana. 2 WAY humidity control packs for curing & storage of medical herb 1 ounce or less. moisture pack at 63% RH. 12 Packets 8g each use with airtight cannabis container.

  • Maintaining proper humidity is vital in protecting the quality of HERBAL MEDICATION. Add ONE HUMIFLOW PER OUNCE of herb. HumiFlow will prevent the loss of Terpenoids and the desirable Terpenes oil. If the Terpenes are lost this could lead up to 12% of organic weight loss reduction in flavor and damaged herbal potency. Keep quality flavor and aroma fresh. Ideally use for storage and the most important weed curing process. PERFECT FOR QUART SIZE MASON JARS! Slide packet inside or just on top.
  • No risk of contamination ONLY PURE VAPOR PASSES THROUGH THE MEMBRANE. This Engineered fiber keeps your medical marijuana quality at a stable relative humidity when used properly, which is essential in maintaining cannabis quality. The best part about being engineered fiber if you mistakenly tear the paper membrane just throw it away. Since the fiber formula will not leak. Don't wait until your herb is too dry and crumbles in your grinder. Avoid losing beneficial compounds add HumiFlow today
  • GREAT FOR GROWERS TO ADD TO ORDERS. There is zero maintenance using HumiFlow. A balanced relative humidity can last for months if used properly. Using HumiFlow in an airtight container you can store and feel assured that you have the right environment for your needs. Great for curing process to reached proper moisture and maintaining 63 RH. Depending on current content moisture and when you start your curing process will determine how long it takes to balance at 63% RH. If you grow use HumiFlow.
  • Works perfectly with canning jars Quart Mason Jar or Small airtight vessels travel canisters and small humidors ounce size. OUR 12 PACK ARE PERFECT FOR PEOPLE THAT BUY MASON JARS IN CASES OF 12 for storage and curing. These Packets fit perfectly and can be bent or folded if necessary. You may prefer wax or to vape, but if you are looking to keep herbs properly cured for the best flavor HumiFlow is needed. When looking at smoking accessories and storage bags remember HumiFlow pot moisture packs
  • A marijuana accessory. Just add HumiFlow to your airtight container and forget about it until it's rigged. We do recommend changing to a fresh HumiFlow every month. Time frame depends on how often containers are opened. 12 HumiFlow's are stored in an airtight heat sealed package when you first received it. This allows HumiFlow to last for years as long as it is kept in a cool dark place. Once you open the package you need to store HumiFlow in a small airtight container or an airtight bag.
A premium fiber based solution that will not leak and the only solution you will ever need. Our 8 grams solution is perfect for a travel humidor just put it next to your cigar punch and close the case. It's the perfect humidor solution with your cigar travel. If looking for a cigar humidifier our humidor packs are great for your airtight containers. Are you using propylene glycol or silica packs and worried about contamination? With HumiFlow it's a 2-way vapor flow, which means it's a humidity absorber and also a humidor humidifier. If you are looking for cigar humidor packs, humidity controller, cigar humidor humidifier for your small humidor HumiFlow is right for you. HumiFlow is also great at calibration, put your cigar humidor hygrometer in an airtight container and validate its reading correctly since a dysfunctional cigar hygrometer, or a handheld hygrometer needs to be replaced. HumiFlow can also be used with small airtight herbal medicine cabinet. You want to protect the terpenes that are in the flower or pollen in the kief catcher and some form of relative humidity controller is needed for herbal medicine. 63% relative humidity will protect the cannabinoid compound. Medical herbalism best practices are a must to keep proper herb curing. HumiFlow also works great with woodwind reeds place HumiFlow in an airtight container with your reeds to keep functional. If you are looking for relative humidity, moisture pack, humidor beads for your travel cigar humidor since as cigar smoker you are looking to keep the leaf at the perfect flavor. Or protecting your herbs to have that perfect taste

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