Miracle Botanicals Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil - 100% Pure Cannabis Sativa - 10ml or 30ml Sizes - Therapeutic Grade - 10ml

  • This Cannabis Sativa Essential oil comes from an extraction of the steam distilled flowers and leaves of the Cannabis Sativa plant. This plant has been cultivated throughout the world for its medicinal, healing and spiritual properties. This oil does not contain any THC, CBD, or any psychoactive components. Main Chemical Components: 27.01% Caryophyllene and 24.68% Myrcene
  • Botanical Name: Cannabis Sativa / Country of Origin: Canada
  • Plant Part: Herb / Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
  • Color/Consistency: Pale Yellow Color and Medium Consistency / Aroma: Strong, Earthy, Herbal
  • 10ml in Amber Glass European Dropper Bottle
Our Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil is distilled down to only the most powerful components of the cannabis sativa plant. This essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the flowers and leaves of the cannabis sativa plant.

The Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil we sell is rich in myrcene and b-caryophyllene.

What's the difference between cannabis essential oil and cannabis oil?

While many people confused cannabis oil and cannabis essential oil, they are not one and the same. Cannabis oil, which has greater than 0.3% THC present, is not legal (as of 2018) across the United States and many other countries. Instead, you can only access cannabis oil in states or countries where recreational or medicinal cannabis is legal.

Cannabis oil is usually derived from cold-press, CO2, or ethanol extraction methods, but there are many different techniques and varieties. Cannabis essential oil, however, is made from steam-distilled plant leaves, which breaks down the plant and pulls out the powerful "essence" of its compounds. There is no psychoactive effect when using Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil. Cannabis essential oil is also not the same as CBD oil, another common misconception.

What's the difference between cannabis essential oil and CBD oil?

CBD oil, which has less than 0.3% THC, is legal in all 50 states and in most countries as of 2018. It has no psychoactive effects but contains the powerful benefits of many of the cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. CBD oil is, in most cases, derived from industrial hemp. Hemp, which looks nearly identical to the cannabis plant, has only 1% THC present in most varieties, which means that any distillation of this plant removes any trace of psychoactive compounds. Instead, after distillation, cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) are left.

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