IKB Cannabis Hemp Seed Oil Cream - 100% Natural - Transdermal use only - Net. Wt. 4 oz/85.5g - Dietary Supplement

  • Relieves pain and muscle tension.
  • Reduces joint stiffness.
  • Stimulates the regeneration of worn cartilages.
  • Assist in the treatment of arthritis.
  • Strengthens bone formation.
IKB Cannabis Hemp Seed Oil Cream is a natural formula elaborated with natural herbs and other ingredients to help relieve pain associated to arthritis, backaches, stiffness, muscle strains and joints. Cannabis IKB Cream is a formula based on Hemp Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, in addition to other herbs and 100% natural ingredients. This combination helps to reduce pain and muscle tension, help in cases of arthritis and decrease stiffness in the joints.

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