NUGSMASHER Rosin Collection Cold Plate 6"x7" Extraction Accessory

  • Made for collecting rosin from flower, dry sift, pollen, and much more!
  • Perfect accessory for any extractor press operator that desires top yield
  • Industrial rubber feet, small footprint handles high heat
  • Great Rosin Press machine tool
  • Smooth finish - can be heated or frozen

Now with rubber feet.. Our 6" x 7" Rosin Collection Plate made from T6 6061 aircraft grade aluminum is designed to fit easily in your freezer to chill down for hassle free collection of your rosin from the parchment paper (or other material used). Helps take previously "impossible to collect" rosin to a low enough temp to turn into tacky shatter in most cases allowing you to easily collect it with your collection tool of choice.

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