25 Concentrate Containers (w/ Rx Labels) - 5ML Plastic Screw Top Wax Dab Marijuana Cannabis All State Compliant

  • (25) Screw Top Containers & (25) 1" Round Generic All State Compliant Labels - Cannabis Marijuana packaging containers with labels
  • (Attach Labels wherever you like!) Containers & Labels come separate.
  • 5ML Crystal Clear Plastic Containers w/ screw top lids
  • 1" Round Labels - Generic ALL STATE COMPLIANT
  • Made in U.S.A.
Used at Dispensaries, Co~Op's, Collectives & Delivery Services, Personal Use. Made in U.S.A. The concentrate containers are the standard for the medical cannabis industry. What's Included: 1) Concentrate Containers (Quantity: 25) - Clear Plastic Concentrate Containers - Hold 1 to 2 grams of any concentrate, extract or oil - Secure screw top lids 2) Rx Labels (Quantity: 25) - Each container includes Rx Label - COMPLIANT FOR ALL STATES - made using Eco-friendly materials - 1" Round Label

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