Taogrow Prevento Organic Pesticide 32oz

  • Kills and Controls: Aphids, SpiderMites, Caterpillars and more*
  • No synthetics | No Garlic/Clove Smell | No BT Bacteria | No Neem Oil
  • Use during Seedling | Vegging | Flowering (Safe on Medicinal plants)
  • Organic Pesticide & Repellant
Protect your fruits and flowers using our Organic formula of flowers and herbs to kill and help prevent a pest infestation.Stop the trouble before it enters your garden and affects your yields. Prevento helps protect your garden in two ways. 1.)The active ingredient is crushed Chrysanthemum flowers which attacks the bug's nervous system on contact. 2.)The blend of herbs act as a repellent to help prevent unwanted pests from nesting in your garden. Safe for People, Pets and the Environment. Proudly brewed in the USA.

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