Blue Gold Hydro Organic Herb & Mineral Wetting Agent Plant Food, Concentrate 8 fl. oz. Bottle

  • ★ 100% NATURAL and NOP COMPLIANT (contact certifier before use). Our Proprietary Cold-Process Converts non-GMO Herbs, Mineral Sources, Oceanic Plants/Clays, Plant Oils/Extracts to make our Chemical-Free 6.4 pH Balanced Hydro Blend. Enjoy NO More Reservoir Gunking, Less Reservoir Foam, No Clogged Filters, or Spray Tips. Our Hydroponic Supplies Make Hydroponics Growing Easy. Increases Nutrient Delivery to Plants/Produce/Crops.
  • ★ GUARANTEED RESULTS (when used correctly)! Best Hydroponics (DWC) Nutrients Excellent For Home & Professional Grows. Safe for All Hydro, Aquaponic, Grow Tent, Tower Garden, Aeroponic, Organic Gardening, Greenhouse, Plant Nursery, More. Our Advanced Nutrients Are Second To None & Compatible with All Grow Media. Safe for All Plants and Crops, Will Not Harm People, Animals, Beneficials (inc. Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Earthworms), Will Not Cause Root Rot, Made in the USA.
  • ★ MAKES WATER WETTER FOR FAST RESULTS. Increased Water Uptake with Properly Balanced Nutrition Boosts Amazing Results: Longer Vegetative Flowering Cycles, Vibrant Produce/Crops, Intensified Taste/Production, Deeper Explosive White Fuzzy Root Growth, High BRIXX (Natural Pest/Disease Control), Attracting Beneficials, Increase Pollination, Extreme Harvest, Bumper Crops, and Reduction of Inputs (hydroponics fertilizer, garden fertilizer, cannabis fertilizer) by up to 90% (Depends on Plant Sap/pH).
  • ★ ROOT STIMULATOR PROMOTES EXPLOSIVE WHITE FUZZY ROOT GROWTH. Our Organic Plant Nutrients & General Hydroponics Nutrients are Free of Chemicals, GMOs, PGRs, Toxins. Use as Liquid Plant Food and Root Starter in Foliar Spray, Foliar Feeding to Quickly Address Immune Systems of Plants/Crops. No Need to Flush System through Vegetative and Flower Growth Stages. Our Organic Hydroponic Nutrients & Organic Gardening Aquaponics Supplies May Be Applied to Edibles up to Day of Harvest.
  • ★ INCREASE PLANT HEALTH for NATURAL PEST CONTROL (spider mites, thrips, aphids, whiteflies, fungus gnats, etc) and Natural Defenses against Plant Viruses, Plant Fungal Diseases (powdery mildew, downy mildew, gray mold, root rot, iron deficiency). Our Hydroponic Nutrient Solution creates Healthy Plants with High BRIXX for Less Total Inputs, Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Harsh pH Solutions, Fertilizers, etc. Nutrition Can Cure Any and Every Condition in any Crop when Properly Balanced.
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