Auto Freshener Vent Stick with 10ml Refill Oil (Green, Cannabis Scent)

  • A base of fine wild cannabis plants, accented with the aroma of the final controversial product
  • REFILLABLE Automotive Air Freshener
  • Cost-Effective, No Frills - Does the Job Well.
  • Universal fitment, simply attaches to any vehicle vent grille
  • Sent from the UK, 5-7 Days Royal Mail/USPS Tracked
Cost-Effective, No Frills but Functional. The Auto Freshener Vent Stick is an enclosure for an adsorbent rod, which can be removed from the encsosure, saturated with fragrance oil and then inserted back into the housing. The enclosure complete with fragranced rod inside is then clipped onto a vent grille on the vehicle interior, where air will blow through and around it taking the fragrance with it. The process can be repeated over and over again with the supplied bottle of fragrance oil or any of F-JAS's fragrance oils or your own favourite brand.

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