steelplant Purple Kush Stash - Baggie of Cannabis Weed Pillowcase

  • Beware of awfully made counterfeits! Only order from Steelplant on amazon or you will get burned. I am working with amazon to ban these sellers.
  • Own a pillowcase that looks like a giant bag of weed
  • Zipper top neatly functions like a ziplock. Purple Kush in lush, vivid color with black interior lining
  • The 17x19 inch case is designed for an 18" insert
  • Internal aromatherapy stash pocket for, you know . . . the goods
Hit the hay with your own simulated sack of Purple Kush cannabis. The Giant Stash pillowcase, (Which funded on Kickstarter) is a great way to goof, casually come out of the closet, or out a family member at christmas time. Pillowcase has a zipper top, internal pocket, and black interior lining. Full color printed polyester pillowcase can be loaded with the insert of your choice for epic weed aromatherapy sessions.

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