Premium Quality Emu Oil for Hair Growth, Grade "A" Australian Emu Oil for Face, for Body, 100% Pure for Scars, for Acne and Even for Pain! - Amazing Natural Remedy - Nourishes Your Thirsty Skin. 4 Oz.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY BENEFITS from Premium Quality Emu Oil. Used for centuries and known for its ability to alleviate redness, itching and dryness, stretch marks, and even work wonders on old scars our Emu Oil is 100% Pure Emu Oil. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  • EMU OIL FOR HAIR - our Premium Quality 100% Pure Emu Oil is the perfect companion for hair of all types. Your hair and scalp will say "ahh". Our customers have reported great success using our Emu Oil for dry hair, our Emu Oil for damaged hair and even our Emu Oil for hair growth!
  • EMU OIL FOR YOUNGER SKIN - with Vitamin D, Vitamin E and even Omega 3, Emu Oil is one of the best possible choices you can make to nourish your skin. Plus our Premium Quality Emu Oil contains the fatty acids that your skin needs to stay young and healthy looking.
  • EMU OIL FOR SKIN REPAIR - the lipid profile of our Premium Quality Emu Oil contains Oleic acid, Stearic acid, Linoleic acid and more. Incredibly, this lipid profile is a very near match for healthy human skin oils. Oleic acid in particular is a known enhancer for transport of bioactive compounds into the skin. - This may be the nutrition that your thirsty skin is looking for.
  • OUR PREMIUM QUALITY 100% Pure Emu Oil is truly an amazing substance. Loaded with Lipids and Vitamins, our Emu Oil is more than a moisturizer. It is NUTRITION for your skin, hair and nails. Best of all, your satisfaction is Guaranteed.
PREMIUM QUALITY Pure Grade "A" Australian Emu Oil from EMU PLUS! Our Premium Quality Emu Oil is one of the greatest moisturizers in the world. It easily penetrates the skin and hair, delivering needed Vitamin E, Vitamin D and even Omega 3! Our Emu Oil is molecularly very similar to the oils in your own skin, making it the ideal moisturizer for your body face and hair.

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