DIY Cannabis Extracts: A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Oils, Edibles & Other Great Goodies

Learn How To Make Your Very Own Cannabis Extracts!

As of late, cannabis has become popularly known to treat a number of ailments and illnesses. The once-shady view of this healing herb has become broadened from “dangerous drug” to “effective medicinal plant.” It has been known to treat small ailments, such as arthritis and sore muscles, to larger ones, such as glaucoma and insomnia. Cannabis extracts are oils and other products that have been reduced to create often smokeless, but still effective, medicine.

When professionally made, these extracts will have the same characteristics as the buds from which they were made, giving any user the authentic experience of the uniqueness carried in each strain. However, these products are not by any means cheap, and making them can be dangerous if you do not know what you’re doing.

Cannabis is a huge market these days, and the new extraction methods have grown very popular with a large number of users. This has predictably boosted cost, as demand for extracts has skyrocketed. By using this book as your resource, you should be able to significantly reduce this cost, as well as the safety risks, associated with cannabis extracts. By the end of this book, you will potentially be a manufacturer yourself!

During The Course Of This Book You Will Learn About:

  • The potential health benefits of cannabis
  • How to acquire plant material for your extracts
  • How to make butane hash oil (BHO)
  • How to make tinctures
  • How to make cannabutter
  • How to make different kinds of cannabis edibles
  • How to make rosin
And more!

Get started with cannabis extracts today!

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